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1 A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD: Luke Jackson: 0.069 Friday, 03 June 2011
2 Autism & Diet. What you need to know: Rosemary Kessick: 0.134 Friday, 03 June 2011
3 Eating for I.B.S.: Heather Van Vorous: 0.055 Friday, 03 June 2011
4 Optimum Nutrition for the mind: Patrick Holford: 0.014 Friday, 03 June 2011
5 The First Year - I.B.S.: Heather Van Vorous: 0.076 Friday, 03 June 2011
6 The LCP solution: The Remarkable Nutritional Treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia : Dr. Jacqueline Stordy & Malcolm Nicholl: 0.043 Friday, 03 June 2011
Saturday, 20 April 2019
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Next meeting Thursday 9th May 2019


Next meeting Wednesday 24th April 2019

SEND cancelled - now discussion on ADHD, Tribunals, Schools, Siblings etc

Many thanks to: Roland Callingham Foundation (via Bekonscot Model Village) for their generous support.


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Thomley is a place for people of all abilities and disabilities.
They bring disabled people, their families, carers and friends together with experienced and nurturing staff that understand their needs
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