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Think Good - Feel Good: Paul Stallard: 0.040.

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Think Good - Feel Good


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Think Good – Feel Good is an exciting and pioneering new practical resource in print and on the internet for undertaking Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with children and young people.  The materials have been developed by the author and trialled extensively in clinical work with children and young people presenting with a range of psychological problems.

Paul Stallard introduces his resource by covering the basic theory and rationale behind Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and how the workbook should be used.  An attractive and lively workbook follows which covers the core elements used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programmes but conveys these ideas to children and young people in an understandable way and uses real life examples familiar to them.  The practical series of exercises and worksheets introduce concepts that can be applied to each unique set of problems.

Think Good – Feel Good provides the clinician with a range of flexible and highly appealing materials that can be used to structure and facilitate clinical sessions.  This is a “must have” resource for clinical psychologists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, educational psychologists and occupational therapists.  Social workers, school nurses, practice counsellors and health visitors would also find this resource to be of great value.

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