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How to...manage and teach children with Challenging Behaviour: Veronica Birkett: 0.031

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How to...manage and teach children with Challenging Behaviour


Faced with deteriorating behaviour and a long list of possible causes - from an inappropriate curriculum to TV and junk food - many teachers feel overwhelmed by the problem of challenging behaviour.

In this book to strengthen and inspire even the most battle-fatigued, Veronica Birkett focuses on what schools and teachers can do to make a real difference – whatever the circumstances.  She shows how to go beyond a strategies-based solution to create a positive climate that prevents disruption happening in the first place.

With clear, practical advice for senior management teams, teachers and teaching assistants, this book includes:

  • An overview of behaviour issues and contributory factors
  • Definitions of troubled and troublesome behaviour – and the differing implications of each
  • A helpful model of behaviour management
  • Strategies for avoiding confrontation – and for dealing with it when it does arise

About the author:
After teaching for 15 years, Veronica Birkett worked as an LEA advisory teacher, helping pupils with learning and behaviour difficulties.  She now works as an educational consultant, trainer and writer.

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