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Encouraging better behaviour: Eileen Hayes

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Encouraging better behaviour


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Being a parent isn’t always easy.

This practical guide provides useful information on positive parenting and positive discipline and looks at why physical punishment is never a good idea for children of any age.

Of course, you can’t just switch to positive parenting overnight.  If you have always shouted and smacked, it will take time and some hard work to turn things around.  It may even seem as if behaviour gets worse for a while – but keep at it!  Eventually your children will behave better and you will find you are less stressed and your whole family’s life is happier.

This guide uses a simple step-by-step approach:

  • Understanding you and your child
  • Reacting to your child’s changing needs
  • Being a positive parent


It has been written by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) Parenting Advisor, Eileen Hayes, with the kind assistance of parents and practitioners.


Sunday, 25 August 2019
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