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George and Sam: Charlotte Moore: 0.008

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George and Sam


George and Sam are autistic.  For their mother Charlotte Moore, writer of the Guardian’s ‘Mind the Gap’ column, that means they can be as much a source of trouble as joy.  The boys will only eat certain foods, have no sense of danger, listen obsessively to key sounds and repeatedly watch the same cartoons.  They will never be like other children, let alone grow into fully independent adults.

But Charlotte – who brings them up alone, together with their brother Jake – refuses to pity herself or her sons.  And in this enlightening and inspirational book she brilliantly conveys their family life; from discovering that he eldest boys are autistic and accepting that there is no cure, to describing some of the weird and hilarious rituals of their daily life.  But above all, George and Sam is about how mysterious, impossible and enchanting the boys really are.

These are some quotes about the book: -
‘Exquisitely observed, extraordinary, wonderful. Moore has done the world a great service by opening up her life, her family, her home’
–    Simon Baron-Cohen, Sunday Telegraph
“Remarkable, brilliant, compassionate.  Luminously intelligent and wise.”
-    The Times Literary Supplement
“Finely observed, well-researched and elegantly written…a valuable contribution to families affected by autism.”
-    British Medical Journal
“Intelligent, admirably dispassionate.  An unhysterical, thought provoking portrait shot through with moments of unexpected humour.”
-    Lucasta Miller, Daily Telegraph
“Sparkling clarity, plenty of good advice, outstandingly well written.  Powerful and deeply affecting.”
-    Mail on Sunday

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